Thursday, February 4, 2016


Title: Zeke’s Pitstop

Series: Fantasies A-Z Series Book 2

Author: Jennifer Kacey

Genre: Erotic Romance

Pages: 47

Publisher: Never Settle Publishing, LLC

SYNOPSIS:  Kinky sex in a pitstop bathroom. One of Zeke’s dirtiest fantasies.  Being himself could cost him everything or win him the submission of the one woman who truly matters. His wife.

Zeke has found himself standing in the position to fulfill his every wicked, kinky fantasy.  The person giving him the keys to his freedom? His wife, Aslan. The one person he promised to protect, honor and cherish.  Protect. Even from himself. Especially from himself and the cravings running through his veins.

But she said she wanted him to drop his self-imposed chain and let his monster out of its cage. But what if his wants are too much?  Too sick? Too dirty? What if he pushes her away? What if he scares her?

What if he doesn’t?
Can she truly handle his needs and desires?  Or will his demands change their lives forever, morphing an amazing love into something horrible that he will hate himself for?
He’s standing at the precipice of everything he’s ever dreamed, but thought was out of reach.  To take the next step is up to him.  Play it safe or finally be real with the only woman who has ever truly mattered?
Their answer is only a pitstop away…

REVIEW For a short story this is packed full of SMOKIN HOT action. Zeke has a fantasy of having sex with his wife, Aslan in a public restroom. He sets everything up and then it is time for the fantasy to come to life. She goes along with him and she is so turned on by this she can't wait to get into the men's bathroom. What he finds out is that not only does his wife love his fantasy but it seems she may have some fantasies of her own that she wants to explore with him. Their relationship is open to all kinds of possibilities now. 

I loved this story and how a married couple is freshening up their sex life for the better.

I highly recommend this book but make sure you have a tall cold glass of something because the flames from this story are scorching.

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