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Title: Curvy Diversion

Series: Chain of Love Book 2 (Curvy Love)
Author: Aidy Award

Genre: BBW, BDSM, Erotic Romance

Pages: 122

Publisher: Coffee Break Publishing

SYNOPSIS: Danica’s run through her eleventeenth sub in as many months and is pretty sure she’s lost her Dominatrix mojo.  So when Grant, an old pal, asks her to do him a favor jumping in on a last minute photoshoot in Costa Rica, she’s all in for a vacation, especially from the BDSM scene at Angels and Devils.

Grant can’t wait to get Danica on film or into his bed. He’s done with the friend zone and this trip to paradise is the perfect opportunity to show his college crush he’s the man in charge, of her career and her bed.

A hurricane, a treehouse, and the well-laid plans of the last guy Danica thought wanted to be more than friends has her questioning whether she can survive the storm or a vanilla relationship.  All when this trip was supposed to be a Curvy Diversion.  

REVIEW: Danica is supposed to be a dominatrix but she has lost her last sub and the owner from Angels and Demons, the BDSM club she frequents thinks she needs to take a break from the scene. Danica feels like she is losing her touch and not only doesn’t satisfy her subs but the control doesn’t do anything for her anymore. She plans on staying home and taking a break from the whole scene.

Grant is Danica’s college friend and has a huge favor to ask her. He needs her to be in a photo shoot for him to present to his families magazine business. But there are ulterior motives to getting Danica to Costa Rica.  Grant has been in love with Danica all along but they have both never been available at the same time. Grant wants to take the business in a different direction with the shoot he is funding in Costa Rica. He wants to bring it into the current century.

But as Grant and Danica are exploring the island, a hurricane comes up and they wind up in a cabin up in the woods trying to keep warm and safe. Grant starts putting the moves on Danica and she tells him she isn’t his type.

Grant and Danica talk about being attracted to each other and wind up mixing friendship with pleasure. Danica can’t believe they are doing this. She doesn’t want to lose his friendship and he is definitely an alpha. Danica wonders how they are going to work together. When Grant pops the “L” word that he loves her, she panics. She runs away from him into the hurricane. She must be out of her mind. She winds up being washed down the side of the mountain and ends up on a ledge.  She calls for help and Grant winds up coming to her rescue. Once she is in his arms they talk about their relationship and decide to give it a chance. She warns Grant that they need to take things slow. He is just glad she is giving them a chance.

I absolutely loved this story. Curvy Diversion is a great title for this story. Diversion is what Danica needed from her BDSM lifestyle and Grant is the perfect Diversion. Not only did the photo shoot wind up ruined but he got some beautiful pictures of Danica that they can use for the shoot. He just has to get it into the magazine. He doesn’t want to use them because they are so personal and his. But Danica talks him into it. This is the second book in the Curvy series but it can be read by itself. I recommend reading all the Curvy books. They are just so hot and exciting.

I am giving this story 5 Flaming Hearts.

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