Saturday, February 20, 2016


Title: Ask Me

Series: A Candy Hearts Romance
Author: Laura Strickland
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 72

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

SYNOPSIS:  Alone on Valentine’s Day, Leo Rankin attends the library’s Blind Date With a Book event hoping for something he can take to bed with him that night, and finds himself competing against Gerri Webb for the last remaining book. Wild child Gerri is not his usual type. Yet he feels an immediate, sizzling attraction and agrees to share the book and its accompanying bag of candy hearts.

The whole idea of a Blind Date with a Book is to go off genre, so Gerri doesn’t mind when their flirty conversation suggests they unwrap each other rather than the mystery book. When a candy heart advises, “Ask Me,” she asks Leo back to her apartment.  She never expects button-down Leo to hit all her buttons, but by the next morning she fears her heart’s in danger. Can one night spent of genre translate to real life?

REVIEW:  This story was a great read. Such a great idea for a blind date, I really could relate with the two characters and how opposites did attract on this blind date. Leo is a history teacher and Gerri is a tattoo artist. Could you get these two any different but they seemed to click together. I really enjoyed this story.

I recommend this story.

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