Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Title: Tweet Me

Series: A Candy Hearts Romance
Author: Desiree Holt

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 32

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

SYNOPSIS:  Don’t call. Don’t text. Tweet me…

Married to her work, event planner Avery Kurtz runs her life and her business on a private message feed. She has no time to waste on emails or a love life, and Valentine’s Day means just more parties to plan.

But when Tanner Voss, best mans in Avery’s best friend’s wedding, is assigned to help finalize plans, her world is turned heart-side up.  The hotshot attorney might be a player-he’s hit on her before and she avoided that mistake-but he’s also surprisingly cooperative, focused on making the perfect choices for their friends, and even on board with her messaging preference.  Between the erotic dreams about the sexy litigator and her body urging her to forget caution, Avery is wondering if she was wrong about Tanner and wants him to do more than “tweet me.”

REVIEW:  Desiree Holt has a way of making this short story so exciting that you won’t want to put this down. You have the event planner, Avery Kurtz very uptight and on a rigid schedule. Then you have the playboy lawyer, Tanner Voss. They are best friends with Janice and Will. They have to come together to plan their best friends’ wedding in 3 weeks for Valentine’s Day weekend. Avery can’t say no and when she finds out Tanner is going to be helping her she can’t believe her luck or lack of that is.

Avery and Tanner both fantasize about each other under the sheets but remain focused on making the wedding a huge success. You have to give Tanner an A for effort he sure tries to persuade Avery to go out with him. She wonders has he really changed and eventually can’t hold herself back anymore. Their chemistry is sizzling hot. Tanner lets Avery know he is in this relationship for the long haul, just what she wanted to hear.

I highly recommend this book.

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