Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Title: Forged by Love

Series: The Lobster Cove Series
Author: Laura Strickland
Genre: Historical Romance

Pages: 100

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

SYNOPSIS: Newly returned home to Lobster Cove from the War Between the States, blacksmith Douglas Grier can’t forget the horrors he’s witnessed or the beautiful young woman he helped break free from her shackles one dark night after her master’s plantation burned.  He wishes he had at least asked her name, even though she and her family disappeared into the darkness and Douglas has no expectation of seeing her again.

Josie Freeman can’t remember the last time she felt safe.  Even though she and her family are freed, they’re being pursued by slave hunters hired by their former owner.  When their ship is damaged on the way to Nova Scotia, Josie is thrown into contact with the one man she never expected …the very man she wanted to see. But will her past catch up with her before Douglas can free her heart?  

REVIEW: Douglas remembers the war and has flashbacks about the night he rescued a slave family. They were shackled together and he and some of his buddies let them free. He wished he would have gotten the beautiful young woman’s name. He has a good life but wants for more. He is longing for that person to make him whole.

Josie Freeman and her family have been on the run since that fateful night that Douglas set them free. She is on a boat traveling to Nova Scotia when they have to stop for repairs. They dock in Lobster Cove. When everyone exits the boat for repairs, Douglas is called to work on it. They can’t believe who they see coming to the dock.  They discover they will be in Lobster Cove for a few days and need shelter. No one will open their homes for Josie or her family. Douglas gives up his little home behind the blacksmith shop he works at. He then sleeps on his best friends’ porch. He makes it a point to get to know Josie while they are repairing the boat.

They stroll through town and talk about their lives and everything. Douglas is falling in love with this woman and wants her to be his. Josie is also falling in love but knows it will never work between them. The day comes when Josie has to decide will she leave with her family or stay with the man she loves. She makes her decision and says goodbye to her family. Douglas marries Josie so that their life starts out on the right foot.

They start setting up their home. Josie goes to work sewing for Douglas’ best friends’ wife. They have taken to Josie and love her as family.

But you know the day was coming when the slave hunters show up and want to take Josie forcibly if necessary. Douglas will risk his life for her and Josie faces her enemies head on. What she finds out is that the town has accepted her and Douglas and they all stand up for her.

I really enjoyed this story. I don’t usually like historical romance but because of the way this was written it wasn’t focused so much on the past. It had some flashbacks which really worked for me. I loved that no matter what, Douglas and Josie loved each other truly. Also the little town of Lobster Cove protected their own and wouldn’t let an outsider come into the town and cause problems.

I highly recommend this story.

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