Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Title: Me + You

Series: A Candy Hearts Romance

Author: Brenda Gayle
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Later Life

Pages: 86

Publisher:  Wild Rose Press

SYNOPSIS:  Teacher Lori Tait has always wanted a family, but now she’s 40, she’s pretty much decided all the good men are taken.  Instead, she devotes herself to her students, particularly one little girl whose struggle with math seems inconsistent with an otherwise brilliant and artistic mind.

Mark Wilder hadn’t planned to become a father, but when a fling resulted in his daughter, Grace, he whole-heartedly embraced the role. Raised in a family of boys, what does he know about women and girls? Once he learns of Grace’s inability to comprehend basic math, he welcomes the role of tutor as a way to connect with his daughter; the opportunity to spend time with her sexy teacher is an added bonus.

When Lori crack’s the mystery of Grace’s problem, Mark’s world is thrown in to turmoil; he’s the last person who can help his daughter. He pushes everyone away, confirming Lori’s theory about men.  Grace, however, has other plans. Using her new-found understanding of math, she sets out to prove to her father and teacher that, together, they add up to the perfect match.

REVIEW:  I really liked this story. It showed Lori as a great teacher worrying about her students and trying to help them succeed. It also shows two parents, Mark and Jade, who are divorced still get along for their daughter, Grace. Grace still seems to be a happy child and wants her dad to be happy.

Grace is a very smart little girl and she comes up with a plan for the Valentines party at school to get Lori and Mark back together. It works out and as they say they get their HEA.

I recommend this book.

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