Friday, February 5, 2016


Title: Adore Me
Series: A Candy Hearts Romance
Author: Darcy Lundeen
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 90
Publisher: Wild Rose Press

SYNOPSIS:  A hacker is targeting Meredith Crismis’s struggling new dessert company.  But when the tech firm she depends on sends hunky computer expert Vlad Wiznitsky to fix the problem, things begin improving for Meredith, both personally and professionally.

First, her relationship with Vlad heats up to the sizzling point, then Meredith’s given the chance to snag a wealthy customer who could put her company’s bottom line permanently into the black.  It seems like a dream come true, until the persistent hacker turns her “Divine Desserts” website into an X-rated marketplace, the wealthy customer demands a discontinued decorative item or else no sale, and her relationship with Vlad begins to unravel under the pressure of her obsession with professional success.

For a woman who deals with creating intricate wedding cakes and luscious muffins, life has suddenly become the ultimate recipe for disaster.

REVIEW:  This story starts off with a bang. Meredith is just getting her business started and she winds up having her computer hacked so many times that would throw a red flag up to me. But she keeps calling the same tech guy.
When her normal guy is off, the office sends Vlad, hot good looking geek to her rescue. He does more than reset her computer. He gets her to enjoy life with him and Meredith needs that. Soon though her auntie sends a big referral her way and all Meredith sees are the dollar signs.
She is obsessed with finding the discontinued candy hearts the referral’s daughter wants on her wedding cake. Vlad finds himself talking to a wall because Meredith has shut him out completely.

They have a huge argument and “break up.” Not only has she not found any way to get the candy hearts – she doesn’t know where things stand between her and Vlad when a delivery box comes to her house.

Meredith and Vlad are miserable but Vlad continues to snoop around and finds out who the hacker is and who he is working for. He brings the hacker and news to Meredith.
Vlad tells her to open the box and he has given her the best Valentine’s present every. He found the candy hearts for her. What a great ending to the story.

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