Saturday, February 6, 2016


Title: Secret Admirer
Series: A Candy Hearts Romance
Author: Ally Hayes
Genre: Sweet, Clean Contemporary Romance
Pages: 81
Publisher: Wild Rose Press

SYNOPSIS: Andi’s new to town and looking for a fresh start in the dating department.  She’s attracted to the guy she sees each morning, but begins flirting via text with Garrett, a friend of her new co-workers.  Despite many attempts and determination, she misses opportunities to introduce herself to Cute Coffee Shop guy or actually meet Garrett in person. With Valentine’s Day approaching she succumbs to the sugar rush of Candy Hearts when “Secret Admirer” continues to appear in the messages, she takes it as a sign to decide which guy is her real Secret Admirer.  

REVIEW: Andi has taken a different position in her firm to start over. She wants to get away from the area she was in and wants a fresh start. She is befriended by one of her co-workers, Bree right away. It seems she won’t be alone after all. Bree suggests Andi join her and a group of her friends on Friday night and Andi decides to go. She has a lot of fun and is now one of the group. She has met almost everyone but the infamous Garrett. He texts her and is very flirty and Andi wonders if he is just being friendly but learns he is interested in her. They text each other often and she is getting very comfortable with him even though she hasn’t met him yet. She also has the super, hot coffee guy, Connor who she has actually talked to now.  She makes the decision to meet Garrett after many failed attempts to get together with the group but Andi doesn’t want anyone else knowing in the group. Not even Bree.

When Andi finally pulls into the bar she sees Connor sitting at the bar and finds out that Garrett Connor is his name. The cute coffee guy and Garrett are one in the same. She is the lucky one.  

Also there is another story within this one about Bree. Bree wants her boyfriend to ask her to marry him. She is at the breaking point almost and tells Andi she is going to give him an ultimatum. Andi advises Bree against that and tells her to try not and think about it. Bree does that and her man proposes to her finally. She thanked Andi for the advice.

I liked this story. It was fun and even though I knew that Connor and Garrett were one in the same I still enjoyed the story. It pulled me in with Andi’s story about starting over. I am glad she finally got to not only have a life but meet her dream man.

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