Thursday, February 18, 2016


Title: Wanton Words

Author: Layla Chase

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 63

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

SYNOPSIS: A corporate retreat provides laid-back Tadeo Xalvador with the opportunity he’s been waiting for—close quarters with co-worker Kit Emelin.  She’s brushed him off in the past, but he’s banking on her brusque manner having less to do with the professional competition between divisions…and everything to do with avoiding the attraction sizzling between them.

Her type A personality drives Kit to view the forest retreat as another place to display her leadership skills. Nowhere in her plans does she allow for a board game of wanton words with the sexy wonder boy of sales.  She clings to her rule against dating a colleague.  But when coyotes drive them into an empty cabin, adrenaline and lust lead to unquenchable passion she can’t deny.

REVIEW: To say Tadeo and Kit have chemistry is an understatement. They can’t be in the same room without having heated stares and both getting turned on by the other. Kit fights it until the board games portion of the retreat starts to find Tadeo is playing scrabble with her and using very descriptive and sexy words that make Kit all hot and bothered.

They wind up in the same cabin on the way back to their own cabins due to wolves. Tadeo is grateful for the wolves appearing to help his seduction along. They steam up the sheets and Kit wonders what tomorrow is going to bring.

Tadeo knows that this is more than a romp in the sack. He decides to convince the stubborn Kit he wants to be with her.

I enjoyed this story. It shows that body movements can mean different things. Kit felt Tadeo was ignoring her and acting like a hot shot salesman, when all along he was trying to hold himself back from attacking her like prey. His restraint was the hardest thing he had to do. He wants Kit and makes it his mission to get her.

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