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Title: Resurrection
Series: The Shifters Chronicles Book 2
Author: Anita Cox

Genre: Erotic, BDSM, Paranormal Romance

Pages: 191

Publisher: Syn Publishing

SYNOPSIS:  Wendy Baker is a staple in the Belfast Lycan pack.  She serves others, manages the house and events. So when Nala Baker, her sister-in-law and new Alpha of the pack, asks her to relocate to the new shifter university, she feels lost. How can she leave her pack behind?

Zoltar, the Centaur King, has eyes for Wendy, but years of animosity between Lycans and Centaurs could mean Wendy’s excommunication if they’re discovered.

As new Headmistress at McGovern University, Wendy struggles to find her place and considers Zoltar.  He’s smart, sexy, and thoughtful.  What will her brother think?  But before they can enjoy their new relationship, a Pixie is murdered and the school falls under attack by a group that does not appreciate integration, the Separatists.

Can Wendy overcome her fears and find true love? Can she defend her school and her new pack from the murderous revenge of the Separatists or will she lose everything?

REVIEW:  This is the second installment of the Shifters Chronicles. You don’t need to read the first book but I believe it is so good you will want to read it first.

As the construction of the new university is under way, the school has a need for a Headmistress. They need someone who will help all shifters and keep order at the school. They go to Wendy Baker who is in charge at the Belfast pack and offer her the job. She is shocked and worried that she is no longer wanted or needed with her pack. But the offer is with a totally different reason. The Alpha, Nala and Wendy’s brother Collin believe she is the best person for the job. She will work well with everyone at the school. She will watch out for all students there and she will protect them. She will try to make the students transition easier.

Wendy goes to check the school out and runs into Zoltar the king of the centaurs. She is nervous around him and wonders if it is the pheromones he is putting off that are driving her wild with lust for him. He assures her that his herd is keeping the hormones turned down so they can work around everyone.

Wendy likes the school and starts to settle in and get to know everyone. She finds a friend in one of the pixies and finds out that because they are so small it takes them forever to get to any meal. So Wendy and Zoltar try to make things better for the pixies by building cars for them to drive around the school. 

Zoltar and Wendy find themselves being pulled together. Wendy wants a mate but doesn’t believe Zoltar is the one until he shows her he can shift to a wolf.

She has fallen for him and decides to give it a try between them. Before they can get too far into their new relationship there is a murder and the whole school is worried about the group targeting them because they are trying to exist together.

Wendy and Zoltar have their work cut out for them. But they do have time for some alone time. They can’t stop wanting or touching each other. Talk about scorching the sheets. They had several steamy love scenes.

I really loved this story. I like the characters that Anita Cox has come up with. The different groups of paranormal creatures trying to work together, and build something great for the future.  I also enjoyed seeing Wendy come into her own not only as a leader at the school but as a woman with Zoltar. I can’t wait to read more of this incredible series.

I highly recommend this book.

I am giving it 4 Flaming Hearts.

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  1. Thank you for your review. I'm very happy you enjoyed the book!