Monday, January 4, 2016


Title: Blood of the Innocent
Series: The Lobster Cove Series
Author: Cheryel Hutton
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampires
Pages: 202
Publisher: Wild Rose

SYNOPSIS: Veronica Teal is no ordinary biochemist; she’s a vampire. When she’s summoned to a human murder scene at the request of the local coroner, she expects to do her job.  Then she discovers the killer is a vampire and the victim’s brother wants her help. Worse, she finds herself attracted to the handsome human male, despite her reluctance to get involved.

Joe Sullivan leaves his teaching job in Tennessee for Lobster Cove because his twin is in danger. He’s devastated to see Justin dead on a rocky shore. Desperate for answers, he turns to Veronica and finds himself curiously drawn to the lovely biochemist in more ways than one.

Together Veronica and Joe seek answers behind Justin’s mysterious murder and learn there are deeper secrets.  Can they uncover the core of the conspiracy and find their own way to each other’s hearts? Or will their differences keep them apart?

REVIEW: Joe has come to Lobster Cove after talking to his brother. He seemed frightened and kept talking about a conspiracy. Justin was in danger and Joe can tell this from his phone call.  When Joe arrives he finds out his brother has been murdered. He will not leave until he finds out who the murderer is. He meets Veronica who is a consultant for the local police. He wants to enlist her help but she is very reluctant. She knows what killed his brother and doesn’t want to go into that with him. She is a vampire and knows that is what killed Justin. She also works for a vampire group to help keep the public from knowing about their existence.

Veronica and Joe are drawn to each other. She agrees to help Joe but can’t fight the feeling that she is being watched and possibly in danger also. She contacts a Guardian she trusts and gives him all the info. She finds out Todd Kennedy, the vampire she has been working with has concocted a virus in the lab and goes to her boss at the lab to tell him. He doesn’t believe anything she says. Her friend does though and the problem they have is to find a cure for the virus before it has been used on anyone. She winds up with the virus and Joe knows he is running out of time to save her. Veronica and Joe have grown close and he doesn’t care that she is a vampire. He wants her in his life.

I liked this story. I couldn’t stop reading it. There was the main story about Joe trying to find Justin’s killer but besides that. There is the story of Veronica and Joe fighting their attraction because they are different but the same. Justin had figured out about the vampires and that is why he was killed. Justin was in love with a male vampire, Connor and he tried to help Joe anyway he could to get Justin, his lovers killer. He truly loved Justin.

This story had a very steady pace. Not too fast or too slow. It kept me enthralled through the whole story. I am glad that love did conquer the differences between Joe and Veronica.

I recommend this book.

I give it 4 Flaming Hearts.

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