Sunday, January 3, 2016


Title: Iron Rods

Series: Strip Club, Book 1

Author: Brenna Zinn

Genre: Erotic Romance

Pages: 147

SYNOPSIS: The women of Austin, Texas, could mix fantasy with flesh at Iron Rods but the strip club is now in disrepair.  Bennett Truitt, estranged son of the club’s aging and half-crazy owner, wants to replace the landmark with condos.  He hires feisty Tatum to manage the club, sure she will fail, but not before he has a chance to sample her skills in bed.

After another rejection letter, Tatum realizes she’ll never be a professional dancer on or off Broadway.  Down on her luck, she’s determined to make the run-down club successful no matter what, or who, it takes.  She never expected her new boss to be so enticing they’re breaking doors down to get to each other, get their clothes off, taste each delectable inch.

REVIEW:  Bennett Truitt is in charge of the Truitt holdings company his dad has built. They haven’t had a great relationship and now his dad wants him to work on the old strip club, Iron Rods. Bennett wants to tear it down but his dad wants to hold on to it. It has sentimental value to him since he was a stripper there years ago and purchased it.

Tatum is a dancer and hasn’t had her big break yet. She is very upset when she gets another rejection letter and her friend decides to cheer her up and takes her to Iron Rods.
Once there she is appalled at the run down shape of the place, lack of lighting, terrible drinks and even worse the dancers are horrible. She goes to the bartender to complain about the watered down drinks and he tells her to talk to the manager on the end of the bar. It is Bennett and he offers her a job to see if she can do any better.

Bennett hopes this girl will fail and he will get to tear the place down. He obviously doesn’t know Tatum that well. She will use everything she has to make this work. She makes a few enemies with the workers at Iron Rods but most of them want to make the place better. She really takes her time to listen to their suggestions.

Bennett’s dad also is impressed by Tatum. Bennett finds himself being pulled towards Tatum. She knows that he only wants to close the place down so a little fooling around couldn’t hurt.

The deck is stack against Bennett though. His dad is not holding anything back in helping Tatum. Tatum’s friend helps her with a total remodel of the place and as this is all coming together. Bennett finds himself drawn to Tatum.

He keeps an eye on her which is a good thing when an ex- employee decides to surprise her after a dance rehearsal with a knife, Bennett stops him. Unfortunately he gets hurt and Tatum stays by his side the whole time. She winds up going to his place and stays with him. That is the first time anyone stayed with him. He doesn’t know what to think or feel for Tatum. It has him tied up inside.

I loved this story I couldn’t put the book down and I am ready for the next one. I love that Tatum is such a strong person even though she has had a tough road with the dancing career but she is very smart and caring. She helps people out and realizes that she has a lot more to offer than her dance skills. She helps out some of the strippers and even a stripper’s daughter & friends for an audition at school.

Bennett on the other hand is a hard one to crack. He has protected and closed his heart off to the world so he wouldn’t get hurt. He has only wanted his dad’s attention for years and feels the only way to get through to him is to tear down the one thing he thinks his dad loves more than anything the Iron Rods Club.

I can’t wait to read the next story in this series. I am sure there will be many more HOT scenes and who wouldn’t like to read and fantasize about some male strippers.

I highly recommend.


  1. Thank you, thank you for this wonderful review. It's reviews like this one that makes writing the next book in the story so worth while.