Monday, January 11, 2016


Title: Dead Reckoning
Series: Northstar Security Series
Author: Stanalei Fletcher
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 316
Publisher: Wild Rose Press

SYNOPSIS: Egan Maddox isn’t sure he’s the right man for the job when Northstar director, Byron O’Neal asks him to find his missing daughter and protect her from and unknown danger.  Egan’s never shaken off his attraction to Kellee O’Neal and hiding away with her, could be more than trouble than this former Navy SEAL can handle.

Kellee is lost, with no memory, and believes someone wants to hurt her. When Egan appears and seems to know her, he convinces her she’ll be safe with him.  As her memories resurface, she turns to Egan for comfort, and her youthful crush transforms into a womanly passion she can’t deny.

With the Russian Mafia closing in, Kellee learns her entire life has been a lie.  How can her love for Egan be enough to help her navigate the murky waters of her past and prove that her heritage doesn’t matter as much as the woman she’s become?

REVIEW:   Kellee is caught in a storm when a stranger comes to take her to her “real” dad who is a Russian mob boss. She doesn’t believe the intruder and since everyone has evacuated do to the storm she has no one to get help from. He pulls a knife and since she has had some self- defense classes he winds up getting stabbed. She gets caught out in the storm and hits her head. She loses her memory and is wandering around when a girl, Tresha comes to her aid. Tresha names her Missy because Kellee doesn’t know who she is. Missy aka Kellee feels she is being followed so every guy looks suspicious to her.

Egan catches up with her and she tries to remember him but she doesn’t. He had trained her in self-defense when he worked for Northstar Securities and some of her memories start returning very slowly. She does feel safe with him. She is a woman know and Egan fights his feelings for her knowing she has amnesia. He still wonders what is up with her dad and why he wanted him to hide away with her.

As this story unravels you find out many things about Kellee’s dad. Byron O’Neal has many secrets to hide and Kellee finds out her life is all a lie. She confronts her mob boss dad and he only wants her so no other mob family can use her against him. Real love not even close.
Kellee needs Egan to help her sort through all this information. She is on overload and doesn’t want to deal with either her dad or the mob boss.

I really liked this story. Egan was true to his word and found Kellee and protected her. Kellee has always had a thing for Egan and now she is old enough to be able to act on it. Read this story to find out what happens between Egan and Kellee. Also what happens to the Russian mob boss?

I highly recommend this book.

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