Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Title: Certainly Sensible

Author: Pamela Woods-Jackson

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Pages: 312

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

SYNOPSIS:  Susan Benedict and her daughters Caroline, the sensible one, Allie the high-strung artist, and teenage Megan, are stunned to learn they are being booted out of their family home when her ex-husband Daniel’s new trophy wife wants the social status the address will bring her. The Benedict women find themselves in unexpected financial straits, so oldest daughter Caroline is determined to help make ends meet.

However, in order to do that, she must consider leaving not only the job she loves, but the man who has her heart - a man engaged to someone else.  All four women doubt their ability to make the transitions necessary to succeed, but deep within each lies a well of strength only adversity can uncover.

REVIEW:  I really loved this story. Each woman showed her true strength that they had within. Susan was a mom of three who hadn’t worked since her husband was wealthy but had to start over basically. She got a job and then found a house for them to live in. She had to deal with the moans and groans of the younger girls because one had to go to public school and the other couldn’t continue at the Music School she was attending. It was very hard on her but she made it through.

Megan was the youngest and even though she initially didn’t like the public school she learned that the friends she made there were truly her friends. Not her friends because she had money.

Allie was always trying to find love and she would be pushy even with the guys. When she finally has a nice neighbor professor willing to let her use his piano to practice she blows him off for another guy who only went out with her for the money he thought she had. Soon enough Allie realizes what she did to the neighbor. They decide to take things slow and continue their friendship. She knows that she doesn’t want to rush into anything with him because it feels right. He is someone she can trust.

Caroline was the oldest and decided to interview for another job to get more money to help her mom out. Even though she loved what she did and she was in love with her boss. He was blind to that fact even though he liked her too. He was promised to a woman who was a society woman who was horrible. He didn’t even remember proposing to her. He had been drunk. Caroline gets an offer to leave the company and he decides to take matters into his own hands and gets his grandmother to help him hire Caroline on fulltime to have the job that she deserves. He couldn’t live without her in the office.

But throughout the whole story I wondered if the absentee father would ever figure out what he was missing. I believe in the end he finally understood what he had let his new wife do. He had abandoned his children and they wanted nothing to do with him. They weren’t comfortable going back to their childhood home and he never seemed to have time for them.

I loved this story. There were several small stories going on at the same time and it kept the story flowing smoothly and effortlessly. I liked Caroline’s boss’ grandmother. She tried several times to talk to her grandson about marrying someone he loved and not out of a promise from years ago. She tried to get him and Caroline together. She actually set them up on a dinner date and they decided to stay and have dinner together.  It was a wonderful evening but Caroline knew he was going to go through with the wedding anyway.

You will have to read this story to see what happens to the Benedict women on this journey for them. Each one has such a strong spirit and I admire that.

I highly recommend this book.

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