Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Title: Divergent Bloodline

Author: T.J. Shaw

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Erotic, Vampires, Suspense
Pages: 360

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

SYNOPSIS:  While tracking down a killer, clues lead a homicide detective, Viviane Taylor to suspect, Julian DeMatteo. From the get-go, DeMatteo unsettles and irritates her. He’s a force she has never encountered, someone who excites her even though he is forbidden.  Her instincts warn the he’s hiding something and she is determined to uncover those secrets.

As king of the vampires, Julian DeMatteo protects the immortal clans.  So, when the beautiful, bullheaded cop embroils herself within his world, he must choose between the woman who reminds him of the humanity he’s lost or his loyalty to his people.

As confusing emotions awake inside her, Viviane can either accept her fate as the one chosen to save the immortal race or lose her soul to darkness.  With Julian’s help, she fights an evil that would rip her apart in order to forge a new future with the homicide suspect who’s stolen her heart.

REVIEW:  Viviane is a tough cop trying to find a murderer. When a member of Julian DeMatteo’s gang is killed, Viviane is forced to confront the lethal man of power.

Julian DeMatteo is the king of all the vampire clans. Viviane is drawn to him but she doesn’t back down. Julian can’t believe she treats him like a common criminal. He knows it isn’t wise to get involved with a human because things can go terribly wrong and he has to protect their secret of being vampires.

When Viviane can’t say no to Julian, she feels she has compromised her investigation. So what is she to do? She doesn’t figure that her partner will be killed and she will be kidnapped by another vampire clan and fed on slowly. She eventually escapes her captors and drives to Julian’s’ estate. She is let in and collapses in Julian’s councils arms. Julian is notified and returns to find her near death. He gives her his blood and chooses not to live without her.

This story grabbed me from the beginning and I couldn’t put it down. The sex scenes were steamy and very hot. You might want a cool drink with this book. Wow!

I loved that Viviane could give Julian back his humanity and that he would fight to the death for her. He was strong and truly the king of the vampires. But Viviane being an orphan didn’t know her origins and is shocked to find out who her dad is. She is the promised one that was foretold by the vampire’s books. She was changing and was trying to understand it all. She also was having a baby with Julian which should be impossible. Nothing is impossible in books.

I highly recommend this book and I can’t wait to read another book from this author. 

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