Friday, November 6, 2015

Sweet Carolina by Roz Lee

Title: Sweet Carolina

Author: Roz Lee

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: State of Mind Publishing

Length: 169 pages

SYNOPSISTwenty-three-year-old Carolina Hawkins needs an experienced Cup driver, or the business she inherited from her father will be facing its last lap on the NASCAR circuit. Approaching her childhood friend, Dell Wayne, is risky - there's a reason he doesn't have a ride in the middle of the season. Carolina pins her hopes and dreams on the man once touted as a brilliant, new style of driver, but whose recent track performance has earned him the nickname – Madman. 
After his father's tragic death at Darlington, Caudell Wayne Jr. has done his best to live 'down' to his father's expectations. When Carolina Hawkins hires him to drive for her failing race team, her faith in his ability prompts Dell to dig deep to find the driver she needs in order to save her business and her dream, and if he's lucky, maybe he'll win the biggest trophy of all, her heart.

REVIEW: . Carolina Hawkins was a woman who was not only smart but good looking. She was determined to make it in the man's world of NASCAR racing. Her dad didn't want this life for her and so to make it harder on her he left his racing team in debt. She knew she needed to get a racer that would help Hawkins Racing team. This late in the season the only person she could approach was Caudell Wayne Jr who was a friend of hers from way back when they were younger. Caudell had been suspended from driving and lost his ride. He didn't need the money. His father Caudell Wayne Sr. was a legend and he was always fighting against a ghost when he went out to race. Carolina knew getting involved with Caudell was a bad move but she couldn't fight her feelings for him. Caudell was known as a ladies man. But what she didn't know was that Caudell was wanting her just as much. They finally admit that there is a strong attraction and they can't fight it anymore. When Caudell starts winning and driving like the man Carolina knows he is, they are accused of cheating. They figure out they are being sabotaged by another racing team. They won't let that stop them from proving their innocence. 

I loved this story.  I gave this book 5 Flaming Hearts. It revved my engine up. Not only did I like the racing story personally growing up racing with my dad but I loved the hot sex scenes with Caudell and Carolina. I also liked the strong character Roz Lee made of Carolina. She was very intelligent and not going to let some good ole boys club get to her. She would not be stopped. I highly recommend this book.

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