Monday, November 30, 2015


Title: Sea Bride
Series: Children of the Waves
Author: Laverne Thompson
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Publisher: Isisindc Publishing LLC 

SYNOPSIS: For 200 some years Xavior, a child of the waves, has searched the seven depths for his bride only to find her on land. How could a landwalker be his Queen, the one destined to stop the wars among the sea tribes? But one touch and he knew he'd defy Poseidon himself to make her his.
Cori Daniels hated the water; she'd been on board the luxury ocean liner for 2 days and hadn't left her cabin. But when she finally ventured on deck she met a man who looked like a sea god and tempted her like no other. But he tempted her to follow him into the sea.
How could she tell him she feared the water?

REVIEW: I really liked this book. It was kind of funny that Cori hated the water and yet she won a cruise. She was sick and couldn’t participate in anything on the cruise. After a couple days she seemed to be better and ventured out.

Xavior was looking for his mate and he was led to the cruise ship. What a twist with having him be mated to someone who didn’t like the water. Cori is drawn to Xavior just like he is drawn to her. They can’t remember meeting long ago when they were younger. The sea witch creates a bad storm and it winds up knocking Cori overboard. Xavior dives in to rescue her and takes her to an underground cave where they make love. They know that the attraction is strong between them but when he tries to explain to Cori that he is from the sea she thinks he is crazy.

He asks her to spend some time getting to know him and visit his home. Cori decides to take the chance on this incredible man that she is having a hard time resisting. She is amazed at his home and finds out he is to be the next king. The only problem is he needs to find his mate to make it official. All his mate has to do is sit on the throne and he will know if she is the right person.

This is a great short story. I read it in a short time. I would recommend it and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

I give this book 4 Flaming Hearts.

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