Saturday, November 7, 2015

His for the Weekend by Marie Tuhart

Title: His for the Weekend

Author: Marie Tuhart

Genre: Erotic Romance, BDSM

Pages: 112

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

SYNOPSIS: Cassandra Adams has a problem and its name is Marcus DeLuca. The man is quite determined to have her--on his terms. Cassie has had enough of domineering men in her life, yet she's drawn to strong, virile Marcus. Tempted to get that man out of her system once and for all, she agrees that she will be his for a weekend only--but then he must leave her alone forever.

Marcus will do anything to get sexy, non-committal Cassie into his arms, into his bed--failure is not an option. He wants nothing more than to keep Cassie in his life, but he senses a secret that keeps her from being able from committing--from submitting--to any man. Will Marcus's special brand of domination free her to be his for more than a weekend?

REVIEW: The two main characters of the story Cassie and Marcus both work together at Fantasies Inc. Cassie is in customer relations and Marcus is in R&D. He makes all types of toys to pleasure women and men. Seeing co-workers is a big problem. Marcus is ruthless and is in hot pursuit of Cassie. He finally gets her to agree for one weekend and he hopes that once he has her she will never leave him. They start off very slow. Marcus has many toys that he has created and wants to try on Cassie.

Cassie is afraid of turning into her mom, a submissive who is into pain. But what she doesn’t know is there are different types of doms and submissives. Marcus isn’t like her dad. He is very kind and when she uses her safe word he stops right away. She learns that she can trust Marcus. He won’t hurt her.

He does give her the most pleasure she has had in her life. He takes care of her by cooking and giving her a bath. Everything any woman would want in a man. She falls in love with Marcus over the weekend but leaves him before he wakes up. She plans to leave Fantasies Inc. so she won’t have to face Marcus but he has beaten her to the punch. He is already in the boss’s office getting ready to resign himself.

I loved this story. It was a short one but still had a lot of sexy scenes. It was amazing to feel how much Marcus cared for her and you could feel that through the author’s words. He loved her already before he even had a chance to win her over. Cassie has a great heart. She is very protective of it and doesn’t want to get hurt. She refuses to be anything like her mother and she isn’t at all.

I highly recommend this story.

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