Monday, November 9, 2015

Curvy Persuasion by Aidy Award

Title: Curvy Persuasion

Author: Aidy Award

Genre:  Erotic, BBW, BDSM

Pages: 104

Publisher: Coffee Break Publishing

SynopsisCurvy Girls Write Their Own Happy Ever Afters. Eden Stone has one last chance to revive her writing career. She's promised her editor a new erotic romance novel, but with three weeks until her deadline and not a word written she needs some major inspiration, the kind she can only find in her fantasies or at Devils and Angels, the local BDSM club. She meets Tall, Dark and Cowboy, who has a thing for pretty, plump, nerdy girls, especially if they're willing to submit to him in front of a crowd. But, he'll have to persuade this sexy author to give him more than her submission, he wants her heart too. This BBW erotic romance plays with BDSM power exchange, some hot exhibition and a good hard pinch of Jane Austen romanticism. If you like dominant alpha males with a streak of Dominant cowboy in them and curvy heroines with a dirty sexy submissive side you’ll love Curvy Persuasion. 

Review : I love to try new authors and this was a great short story to see if I would like the Curvy Love series. I have to say I absolutely loved it. 

Eden is an author and needs to get rid of her writers block so to speak. She is supposed to be writing an erotic romance novel and hasn't gotten anywhere with that. She has decided that maybe she should do some "research" for the book she needs to write and goes to a BDSM Club. She didn't realize that she would love this new side to herself. She was excited by all the things she saw and was surprised to find someone who was interested in her. He takes her on a journey at the club and she loves it. She submits to him there but she guards her heart. If only she could trust someone. 

When Mr. Cowboy runs out on her in the middle of the club she is left wondering what had happened. Little did she know Mr. Cowboy knew her and had been interested in speaking to her for awhile. Mr. Cowboy is Sawyer Jameson. He not only is a dominant at the club Devils and Angels but he teaches Literature of the American West. He has seen Eden at the coffee shop by the university for several weeks now.

This story is really good. I love that Eden is trying to write about a subject that she knows little about. She actually goes to a club to learn more about it. Also learn more about herself and her likes. I also like Sawyer who comes off as a wonderful dominant but you find out he is also a wonderful man in the story.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Aidy Award at a conference and I am pleased to say this book doesn't disappoint. I hope to see more of Eden and Sawyer's follow up story of what is happening in their world now. I can't wait to read the next one in the Curvy Love Series.

I gave this book 5 Flaming Hearts. I highly recommend it.

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