Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Title: Breakfast with Santa

Series: The Lobster Cove Series
Author: Carol Henry
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 163
Publisher: Wild Rose Press

SYNOPSIS: Six years ago Katelyn experienced heaven in Mark Logan’s arms. But when Mark joined the Special Forces, he left her with shattered dreams—and, unbeknownst to him, carrying his unborn baby. Now, he’s back in Lobster Cove, and she’s engaged to another man. But with her fiancé in Norway, Katelyn volunteers to play an elf at the annual Breakfast with Santa event.

Mark Logan-aka Santa--can’t keep his eyes off Katelyn in her sexy elf outfit, which brings back feelings better left hidden. After all, he only returned to Lobster Cove to keep his two-year-old son safe from kidnappers, not to rekindle an old romance.

Katelyn, conflicted between her renewed feelings for Mark and the secret she’s kept from him, flies to Norway to reaffirm her feelings for her fiancé. But when she arrives, she discovers a startling truth. Will unearthed secrets be the key to her happiness or heartache?

REVIEW:  I loved this story. It brought tears to my eyes. I have been emotional about stories but none that I actually cried. I was drawn into this story with the first few pages and had to read it all in one day.

Katelyn finds out that her past, high school love is back in town with his son. She tries to avoid Mark but to no avail. After all Lobster Cove is a small town and they seem to keep running into each other. She is also growing fond of his son Kurtis which she doesn’t want to get attached to. When they are alone together they can’t fight the attraction. They kiss and almost get intimate but Katelyn pushes Mark away and remembers that she is engaged. Unfortunately her fiancé, Sven is in Norway for his grandparents’ 50th anniversary.

Sven also finds out some startling news while in Norway and his life is turned upside down. His family is moving back to Norway and selling the flower shop that Sven has worked so hard to make a success. Sven doesn’t know which way is up and then he happens upon and old flame of his Marta.

Katelyn decides to surprise Sven in Norway only to get a surprise herself. She returns home and is even more depressed. It is her favorite holiday Christmas and she makes herself get into the spirit. She realizes that Sven probably did them both a favor, because if they were in love it wouldn’t be so easy to go back to past lovers.
She knew she was going to live her life and go after Mark.

I am giving this story 5 Flaming Hearts. I really could relate to both characters, Mark and Katelyn. How they both had loved and how they had to deal with their losses also. I thought Katelyn showed so much courage in Norway and how she dealt with Sven. I know she was dying inside but she didn’t let him see it. She was so strong. Mark is the same very strong and torn inside for wanting Katelyn again. They are so compatible. They want the same things in life and they want it with each other.

I look forward to reading more of Carol Henry’s books. It is touching to be so engrossed in a story that you feel what the characters are feeling. The emotion that is in this story was incredible. I would definitely recommend this book.

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  1. Mary Ann, thank you for the wonderful review.I'm so thrilled that you loved Breakfast with Santa enough to give it a review.