Tuesday, March 22, 2016

You're Tops by Sydney St. Claire


SYNOPSIS:  When her husband ran off with a perky, much younger woman, Regina Cox got the house, a decrepit car, and her freedom. Divorced, she plans to remain man-free and focus on her career as a writer.  Trouble is, the skinny boy next door who used to tease her about her braces is now a handsome hunk and features as the hero in her latest romance novel. Tucker Owen is a Dom with his eye on the new divorcee next door.  His fantasies center around draping Regina over his spanking bench.  Too bad she’s a strong woman and not submissive in the least.  But when he learns she writes erotica romance and his having trouble getting the research right, he offers a week-long tutorial that’s bound to teach them both a few things. Regina can’t refuse all the research she could ask for and no strings sex on top.  And with the sassy sub, Tucker soon discovers the pleasure that comes when the topper is topped.

REVIEW:  I liked this story. Regina and Tucker were perfect for each other. Regina is the romance author who needs help with her hero in her story. She has modeled him after her neighbor Tucker. Tucker is trying to fix up his father’s house to sell it but he notices Regina on her balcony every day. When the wind whips several sheets of her story over the fence to his backyard, he picks it up to read it and find out she is writing about the BDSM lifestyle. He knows all too well about. He is a Dom and offers to help Regina with her research. They both find out they are perfect for each other. This story kept me interested in it and before I knew it, it was over.
I recommend this story.
Reviewed by Mistress Mary
4 love taps

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