Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Title: Step On Me More
Author: Joan C. Afman and Mary M. Ricksen
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Romance
Pages: 304
Publisher: Wild Rose Press

SYNOPSIS: Shelburne High School teachers Kailyn Hartigan and Lisa Stone have had enough.  Bullying among students is reaching an all-time high, and the rest of the staff is either in denial or too afraid of repercussions to help address the problem.

When Stephanie Moore-aka: Step On Me More-is welcomed by Shelburne High as the new principal, taking an anti-bullying stance becomes a dangerous game.  One that could cost Kailyn and Lisa not only their careers, but the lives of the students they seek to protect.

REVIEW: This is such a touching story that shows just what goes on in schools. Both teachers Kailyn and Lisa had been bullied in school. Little did they know they were bullied by the same person? They both fought to try and protect the students being bullied but the principal, Stephanie Moore would hear nothing of it. She had everyone eating out of her hands. They believed her when she said there was nothing going on and it took 2 different students actions to show the school board to see what was happening. 

Although the 2 students’ fates were already determined, they did help the school and administration get rid of Stephanie Moore and have the school and town assembly about the bullying. They adopted a no tolerance policy and it changed the whole school atmosphere. While the story was about the bullying there was also some romance going on when both teachers found some great guys to confide in and stand by them. They could put their bullying past behind them and move on with their lives.

I really liked this story. I highly recommend it.

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