Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Title: No Accounting for Love

Author: L.M. Gonzalez

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 94

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

SYNOPSIS: Laura Cortez, a single mom, works full-time and takes classes toward an accounting degree for a better income for her family. She meets her dream man on a blind date set up by their siblings but thinks she should have stayed home. When he asks her to his company’s Christmas party, she agrees against her better judgment; she’s attracted to him despite all the reasons she shouldn’t be.
Tony Alvarado has spent his life, ever since his marriage, building his accounting firm because his ex-wife nagged him constantly about money. When she divorced him, claiming he was always working, she took half his money, and his son. Now he believes women only date him because he’s rich. His reactions to Laura puzzle him, but he continues to see her because he can’t figure her out.
Will the holiday season help them forget the liabilities and balance out the miracle of love in adding together two lonely hearts?

REVIEW:  Tony and Laura are set up on a blind date and as typical as a blind date is they didn’t hit it off from the beginning. Tony is a handsome, rich guy and Laura isn’t his type. She knows that so once her sister leaves with Tony’s brother she tells him they can call it off. Tony is shocked that Laura is so blunt and not interested in him. He has never been turned down. So he decides to get her to continue the date and meets up with his brother and Laura’s sister at the restaurant. On the drive home they seem to talk a little bit and try to get to know each other. Laura is very strong and outspoken. She lets him know that this won’t go anywhere because they are both so different. They find out that they both have a child and it seems to change things between them. 

They do find things in common and when Tony walks her to the door and leans in for a kiss she denies him. She says that he won’t call so why bother basically with the kiss. She thinks it will make her crave for more from him. To say Tony is shocked would be an understatement. He thinks about it all the way home and he winds up asking her out again. He doesn’t know what has gotten in to him but he starts craving Laura.

I loved this story. Laura is so funny and tough in this story. She knows she is out of Tony’s league but she doesn’t care and tells him that. Tony knows he could have any woman he wants and now he seems to want Laura. What a dilemma they are in. I highly recommend this story.

I am giving it 5 Flaming Hearts.

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