Thursday, December 17, 2015


Title: Full Contact Decorating

Series: A Holiday in Merryvale Story
Author: Robin Weaver
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 126
Publisher: Wild Rose Press          

SYNOPSIS: Katrina Snodgrass believes she can get her life back on track. If she can regain her title as the Christmas Tree Contest champion and re-snare the man of her dreams. Too bad soap-opera star, Tripp Anthony, isn’t interested—at least he’s indifferent until Hunter Montgomery arrives and convinces Katrina she needs to make her former flame jealous.
The plan succeeds, but Katrina finds herself equally attracted to Tripp and Hunter, the man she loves to hate. Her heart is torn, but can she truly choose either man while she guards a horrible secret?  

REVIEW:  Katrina is known as a snob. Her dad used to be the mayor of Merryvale but since he lost the last election he took off and took all Katrina’s money with him. No one knows that she isn’t financially set and she wants to keep it that way. She is working at her friends Suzettes’ flower shop and doing a great job at it.

Hunter Montgomery turns up in the shop to show her his invention, “Holly Grams.” Suzette set this meeting up but forgot to inform her about it. She didn’t even give him the chance to turn them on she saw them and insulted him. He left in a huff and called his friend and partner, Spence right away. Spence was Suzette’s husband.

Suzette takes over and smooths all the ruffled feathers and sets up another meeting so Katrina can actually see the Holly Grams. She is hoping to have her use them on the tree decorating contest and to get some publicity for them when they win. She also offers Katrina 5% of Holly Grams to join their team. She wants her to do the marketing for the product. Suzette knows Katrina is a natural at the marketing side of the business.

Once Katrina sees the Holly Grams she is amazed and tells Hunter that. She needs to think about her theme for the contest and says she would let him know. Hunter has no patience and isn’t happy about her timeline or lack of one. They continue the banter back and forth. You can tell there is some sexual tension building between them.

But Katrina is trying to get Tripp, her old flame back. What is a girl to do when she is having feelings for both men?

I loved this story. I liked Katrina’s spirit and her pride in her community. She loved Merryvale and was delighted to show Hunter around. He really started to get to know her and he actually had fun too. They even had a snowball fight. I was hoping for them to fall for each other. They had such chemistry even when they were fighting. They made a great couple. Tripp only wanted her because someone else was interested. Tripp seemed very boring compared to Hunter and not someone to hold on to Katrina. It also proved that Katrina could change her ways. She completely changed her attitude towards people and it made her a happier person.

I give this story 5 Flaming Hearts!

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