Monday, April 11, 2016

Review for Saddle Up by Marie Tuhart


SYNOPSIS: At loose ends after her best friend's wedding, Angie Davidson needs a vacation, so when the gorgeous yet aloof co-owner of the Quick Silver Ranch insists she stay to explore their sexual attraction, she agrees. Though she eagerly bows to his commanding touch in the bedroom, Jared's distant air after lovemaking sparks too many bad memories. Dare she yield to his sexy persuasion and prove he has nothing to fear or will he abandon her like everyone else in her life? Eager to explore Angie’s vulnerable, submissive nature, Jared plans two weeks of toys and other naughty play. However, the last time he reached for to a woman—mentally and physically—she rejected his dominant streak. Jared has no intention of letting Angie that close, no matter how sweetly she shivers beneath his hands. Can two bruised hearts discover a way to make their tantalizing escape into the perfect way of life?

REVIEW:  Angie has always been in control of her life including her sex life. She doesn’t want to have that control. She wants a man to take control and please her in so many ways. She also wants a man to stay with her. She has been abandoned so many times starting with her parents and foster homes. Also boyfriends never stayed around. She struggles with those feelings but knows she wants to explore with Jared.

Jared on the other hand has never met anyone that could love him for who he was. He was a dominant and he liked being in control of the women in his life. He hasn’t met that right woman for him, until Angie comes to the ranch and seems that she wants what he has to offer. So they have 2 weeks to explore their desires. He isn’t going to get involved or emotional. This is just time for them to play and enjoy each other.

The title of this book is very appropriate because once Jared says it the play time is to begin. Angie has agreed to it and does everything Jared asks of her and more. He loves how she welcomes all the new experiences he is giving her. When the end of their time is near Angie realizes she is falling for him hard. She tells him she loves him and he walks away from her. Jared is so stunned he doesn’t know what to say. Angie leaves and after she is down the road she pulls over and cries. She goes back to work and decides she is going to go fight for her man. She will not let him off the hook so easily. This story was exciting and very suspenseful. I never knew what Jared was planning for Angie each day and I liked being surprised by him. He owns the Quick Silver Ranch to help couples with their sexual fantasies and he knows how to play Angie’s body like a pro. I loved Angie being so strong to let Jared take control of her body. She was nervous and maybe a little shy in the beginning but she knew Jared would protect her. She could trust him completely. Jared loved that about her. He had never been happier than when he was with Angie.  

Reviewed by Mistress Mary
5 love taps

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